2017 BMW 5 Series Touring review: Practical brilliance


Even in a world of SUVs, MPV and crossovers there’s a gap in the market for a good old high-quality estate car like the BMW 5 Series Touring. The more sensible, family-focused 5 has been around since 1991, the demand for it such that BMW has shifted some one million of them since then. Largely following the line-up of its saloon relation there’s everything from a four-cylinder turbodiesel in the huge-selling 520d, through to a 340bhp 540i with a turbocharged six-cylinder petrol engine and four-wheel drive. Bigger and more spacious, yet lighter and more efficient than ever before, the 5 Series Touring very strongly underlines that there’s life in the old dog (carrier) yet…

Body Style: Executive estate Seats: 5                    MRP: £38,385 - £49,360     

Did you know? This current 5 Series Touring weighs as much as 100kg less than its predecessor, despite being bigger and able to carry significantly more.


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Verdict 9.0 / 10

The 5 Series Touring may operate in a marketplace that many have forgotten about, but we love estate cars, and this one is very good indeed. That’s particularly true in 520d guise, where it’s sensibly priced and offers low running costs, which, given its practical, family-focused nature, is why we find it so appealing.

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