How long until the unveiling of the new BMW M5? We don't know exactly, but considering the recent release of the first teaser video it could be a matter of weeks. The clip is showing the M5 in saloon and estate versions engaged in tests that took it from Munich to the Swedish snows. A perfect natural circuit to test the dynamic qualities and more.

Both cars are still covered by the classic camouflage films, but the various aesthetic modifications can be seen, underlining their sporty spirit.

The details that count

A pair of custom exhausts, a wing perched above the rear window of the BMW M5 Touring, specially designed wheels and specific aerodynamic appendages accompany the new M5s. A dress code for the most extreme versions of Munich's mid-size saloon and station.

In the video the interior is also shown, but too bad that the dashboard and monitor are pixelated and the seats covered by a special cover. You have to play with your imagination but not even that much. In fact, the interior should be the same as that of the new BMW 5 Series, with the BMW Curved Display comprising the 12.3-inch Information Display and the 14.9-inch Control Display. Far more than hinted at will characterise the seats, which will probably also be available with a carbon fibre shell. 

The first teaser video of the new BMW M5

'M' on tap

The video confirms what we already knew. The new BMW M5 will be powered by a plug-in powertrain. No specifics are given, however, all we know is that the electric motor is housed inside the gearbox. Nothing more.

Under the bonnet should be the 4.4-litre twin-turbo petrol V8 for a total output - combustion plus electric - of around 750 PS. To leave behind the Audi RS 6 and Mercedes E 63 AMG, at 630 and 585 PS respectively. Traction will be all-wheel drive, with the possibility of passing 100 per cent of torque to the rear.

There are so many innovations that could push the weight of the new BMW M5 towards 2.5 tonnes.