2017 Renault Captur Review


The Renault Captur is an extraordinarily successful small quasi-SUV from the revived French company, bringing taller crossover cool to the Clio supermini platform. It’s Europe’s best-selling small crossover, better even than the trendsetting Nissan Juke, and will soon been enhanced for summer 2017 with a mild makeover including a set of de rigueur LED running lights.


Body Style: Crossover           Seats: 5              MRP from £14,945 - £22,185 


Did you know? Sales of the Captur have grown every since its launch in 2013: in 2016, 215,000 were registered by eager Europeans.


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Verdict:★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7.3/10)

It’s easy to see the appeal of the Renault Captur. It’s a high-rise model with elegant curves and haunches, distinctive colour combinations and a friendly, classless look. Europeans love them and buy them by their hundreds of thousands. It’s a bit more plain inside, but equipment levels are OK and include a few surprises, while the practical interior has been very well thought out, even down to coming with removable seat covers. Calming to drive, choose the right engine and you’ve a stylish alternative to a normal family hatch, one that gives a more confident feel and more manageable nature on the road. It’s not one for families that are too large - we’re talking toddlers rather than teens (they might want to look at the Renault Kadjar instead) - but gr...