2017 Volkswagen Golf review: A legend for good reason


The Volkswagen Golf. It is to cars what pizza is to takeaway, what popcorn is to cinema; it’s probably the first thing that your average person would say if you simply asked them to name a car. Its fame and familiarity aren’t that surprising, though, given that by 2014, VW had sold 30 million of them.  

In the Golf’s case, it’s numerous with good reason; because it’s literally all the car you’ll ever need, and quite possibly ever want.

Body Style: 5 door hatchback

Seats: 5

MRP from £17,765-£32,190

Did you know? VW has produced a Golf every 40 seconds since 1974. Scary, eh?

2017 VW Golf SE Nav

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Verdict 9.0 / 10

This current Mk7 model faces stronger competition than ever yet, whether you’re buying with your heart or your head, the Golf is top of the family hatchback pile. It’s practical, comfortable, refined, has a great range of engines including a plug-in hybrid, a smart interior, quality infotainment and really good purchase or finance costs. It’s virtually a plague on British roads, it is so common, yet it still manages to look down its nose at the Ford Focus’ and Vauxhall Astras of the world. Ultimately, this current Mk7 Golf faces stronger competition than ever, yet whether you’re buying with your heart or your head, it is still top of the family hatchb...