2017 Porsche 911 Review


The Porsche 911 is the benchmark in the sports car class, the car that all others are measured against. It’s been around forever, Porsche’s perseverance with the rear-engine format giving its some unique attributes, not least its ability to offer rear seats, which makes it among the more practical and complete sports car offerings out there. That has undoubtedly helped it maintain its enduring success, though there’s real authenticity to the 911, as it has won pretty much every race it’s eligible to compete in - its success on the track has been matched by huge sales. Part of that is attributable to the sheer proliferation of models Porsche offers. The coupe range is introduced by the Carrera, followed by the faster Carrera S and the GTS above that, with rear- or four-wheel drive and manual or automatic transmissions to choose from. It’s these coupes that are the focus here. All of those can also be had as a conventional folding cloth-roofed Cabriolet, or the Targa with its incredible folding hardtop. As if that lot isn’t enough there’s the track-focused GT3 and even more intense GT3 RS, while the four-wheel-drive Turbo (in Coupe or Cabriolet body styles) heads the comprehensive range. There’s a 911 for everyone then, and, it seems everyone wants one, for good reason too.   


Body Style: Sports car                Seats: 4                    MRP from £76,412-£99,303


Did you know? Porsche’s 911 is commonly referred to by its internal code number; ...