2017 Skoda Octavia review: Sensible, spacious family wheels


That it is loved by cab drivers underlines its space, value and reliability mix, all those considerations just as relevant for your typical family car buyer.

Body Style: 5 door estate

Seats: 5

 MRP from £17,195-£28,845


Did you know? The Octavia Hatch’s boot has more volume than many estate cars in the same price category.

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Verdict 8.0 / 10

Sensible - yes. Dull - perhaps. But then the Skoda Octavia does everything asked of it so competently it’s difficult not to admire it. Good specifications help, as does an interior that a few years back wouldn’t have disgraced a premium car. Add the masses of space into the mix and the Octavia is difficult to ignore, though if we were buying we’d go the whole-hog and have it as an even more useful estate.

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