The new Lancia Ypsilon revolutionises the concept of the premium Italian hatchback, with a generational leap in exterior styling that is reflected in the electric and hybrid engines, but even more so in the interior.

The interior of the Ypsilon 2024, especially in the Cassina limited edition launch version, reinterprets the ambience seen on the "cousins" of the Stellantis group according to the canons of the "Salotto Lancia", which aim for the utmost in terms of design, comfort and well-being on board.

Lancia Ypsilon 2024, the dashboard 

The starting point is obviously the one in front of the driver and the passenger who is at his or her side, namely the dashboard of the new Lancia Ypsilon where the large dual screen with two 10.25" displays stands out, one for the instrument panel and the other for infotainment.


Also conspicuous and highly original is the multifunctional Cassina coffee table dedicated to the limited edition of the same name that echoes the style of the famous Brianza company's furniture. Made of bio-based plastic with leather upholstery, the Cassina coffee table is handmade and also houses space for wireless smartphone charging.

Lancia Ypsilon (2024)

Lancia Ypsilon (2024), the multifunctional Cassina coffee table

Immediately above the coffee table is the row of climate controls, topped by the air vents and the central infotainment screen. The latter bases its operation on the S.A.L.A. system, an acronym that in addition to recalling inspiration from the living room at home means 'Sound Air Light Augmentation'.

In practice S.A.L.A. is a virtual, intelligent interface that incorporates in a single hub the management of audio, air conditioning (with a high efficiency filter capable of removing up to 99% of harmful particles) and interior lighting that is fully customisable.

Lancia Ypsilon (2024)

Lancia Ypsilon (2024), the S.A.L.A. system

On the new Lancia Ypsilon limited edition Cassina, the electric, massaging and heated seats that look like real living room armchairs thanks to the 'Cannelloni' weave finish in recycled blue velvet are also notable. The other versions of the new Lancia will have different interior upholstery that has not yet been revealed.

Lancia Ypsilon (2024)

Lancia Ypsilon (2024), the blue velvet 'Cannelloni' seats

The rear seats have generous padding like the front ones and have separately fold-down backrests. For the rear passengers there are two USB-C sockets, while at the front the approximately 25 litre capacity of the various storage compartments is very useful.

The new Lancia Ypsilon seen up close and in preview


The advanced S.A.L.A. voice assistant hub of the new Lancia Ypsilon also boasts wireless connectivity for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The Mobile App then allows you to remotely manage door locking and unlocking, climate control and electric recharging functions with your smartphone.

Lancia Ypsilon 2024  
Digital instrumentation Yes (10.25")
Head Up Display No
Central Monitor 10.25"
Mirroring Android Auto (Wireless)
Apple CarPlay (Wireless)
Voice Assistant Yes
Lancia Ypsilon Edizione Limitata Cassina (2024): gli interni

Lancia Ypsilon Limited Edition Cassina (2024), the S.A.L.A. hub

Lancia Ypsilon 2024, the space

The Lancia Ypsilon 2024 boasts a length of 4.08 metres and a width of 1.76 metres, with a height of 1.44 metres. These are measurements that alone give an idea of how much space on board has increased compared to the previous Ypsilon, which recorded external dimensions of 3.83 x 1.67 x 1.51 metres.

The backrests of the rear seats can be folded down 1/3 and 2/3 and separate the passenger compartment from a luggage compartment that has a capacity of around 310 litres in the electric version and almost 350 litres in the hybrid version. The volume with the rear backrests folded down has not yet been announced, but given the similar measurements to its cousin Peugeot 208, it is easy to imagine a maximum load of over 1,100 litres.

Lancia Ypsilon (2024)

Lancia Ypsilon (2024), the rear seats

Lancia Ypsilon (2024)

Lancia Ypsilon (2024), the boot

Model Luggage compartment (min/max) Reclining backrests
Lancia Ypsilon 2024 310/na litres Yes (1/3 - 2/3)