2017 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe review: Four-door style


A more stylish, hatchback spin-off from the BMW 3 Series, the 4 Series Gran Coupe aims to be everything to everybody.

Body Style: 5 door hatchback Seats: 5  MRP from £33,110-£47,280

Did you know? With the rear seats in use, the 4 Series Gran Coupe’s boot is only 15 litres smaller than that of the BMW 3 Series Touring

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Verdict 7.0 / 10

Lots of mores with the 4 Series Gran Coupe; more stylish, more practical and, yes, more expensive, but then it comes with more equipment as standard to compensate. Not as visually distinct from its 3 Series relative as the similar in concept Audi A5 Sportback is over the A4, but even so the 4 Series Gran Coupe is still a very appealing choice in that busy premium, sports saloon marketplace. If you want everything, it’s got most bases covered, but it’s pricing does mean you could have a newer, bigger 5 Series for much the same money.

Design ...