If you own a van, it is very easy to convert it into a camper van for your days off and summer holidays thanks to the various national specialists. In addition, these projects are often inexpensive, such as this one from Kangaroo Campers.

The Madrid-based company offers all owners of a Citroën Berlingo XL, the 4.75-metre long version, a conversion that involves an investment of only €4,533 (approx. £3,875). Pretty affordable, don't you think?

If you opt for it, you will have a double bed with a 100 mm Viscolatex mattress, as well as a burner and a small fridge with a capacity of 31 litres. There is also an outside shower with a tank, allowing you to stay clean and tidy no matter how hot it gets.  

When it's time to eat or hang out, the sliding table with folding leg is perfect for inside the vehicle but also for outside, provided we have some folding chairs, of course. 

The project also includes a 12-volt socket, two USB charging ports and a 100-amp secondary battery. That's all you need for the spring and summer months ahead.

However, if you want to keep travelling in the colder months, our advice is to invest a little more and pay €1,350 for the Webasto STC 2000 air heater with multi-controller. This will allow you to spend time and sleep in total climatic comfort. 

Kangaroo Campers offers even more extras for the more discerning. We are talking about the nine-layer window blackouts with suction cups (€135) or the Noco 5A portable charger (€165). There are even more and you can discover them in the link that closes the article.

As you can see, travelling alone or as a couple looking for your destination without relying on traditional accommodation does not involve a large outlay. What's more, you can even consider this conversion by buying an affordable second-hand Berlingo XL. There's no better way to do it.

Source and photos: Kangaroo Campers