Leapmotor is a name we need to get used to. The Chinese carmaker was founded in 2015 and is based in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou. We're hearing more and more about it, not least thanks to the Leapmotor T03, the electric city car that, according to the latest rumours, could be assembled in Poland by the summer at the Stellantis plant in Tychy, replacing the Fiat 500 (which will be produced in Algeria).

According to Reuters, the Leapmotor T03 could soon be assembled in Poland using a 'semi-knocked down' (SKD) process, which involves transforming partially assembled kits into finished vehicles. It's an interesting car because it represents the phenomenon we've already written a lot about, which is the influx of Chinese (and cheap) electric cars.

China aside, the Leapmotor T03 is already on sale in Israel and some European countries. Let's see which countries it is available in and how much it costs.

Where to buy and how much does it cost?

Leapmotor began selling electric cars in Israel two years ago through Israeli car dealer Metro Motor. Straddling Europe and Asia, it can be bought in Turkey from TL 898,000, or around £22,200 at the current exchange rate (the price includes a six-year warranty on the battery).

It can currently be purchased in Europe, in France, for just over £17,000. Although the official website isn't working at the moment, our French colleagues assure us that the car can be bought and that it also benefited from state incentives last year.

In Germany, it can be reserved free of charge, with no obligation to buy or pay a deposit. Those wishing to register on insta-drive.com will be informed as soon as the car can be ordered and configured, and it is also possible to opt for a long-term lease. The car will be available within the year from around £18,800.

By the end of 2024, the Leapmotor T03 will also be sold in Spain and Italy. The Leapmotor International joint venture is headed by Stellantis, who holds a 51% stake, and aims to manufacture, export and sell Leapmotor products outside China.

In the UK, however, the Leapmotor brand will make its debut in 2024 or 2025 with the C10 model.

Leapmotor T03

Leapmotor T03

European sales of the Leapmotor T03

  • 2023 (full year): 512
  • 2024 (January-February): 106

What does the Leapmotor T03 look like?

Last September, at the Munich Motor Show 2023, we got a first-hand look at the Leapmotor T03. As we've already told you, the city car is 3.62 metres long, 1.65 metres wide and 1.57 metres high, with a boot capacity of 210 litres.

The electric powertrain consists of 41.3 kWh lithium-ion batteries that power a 109 PS, 158 Nm front engine, with a claimed range of 174 miles. Three driving modes are available: sport, standard and economy. The WLTP declared fuel consumption of the Leapmotor T03 is 15.7 kWh/100 km (3.95 mi/kWh).

Leapmotor T03

The interior of the Leapmotor T03

The Turkish sales website states that 11 parking radars (front/rear), hill start assist, tyre pressure monitoring system and 6.6 kW (AC) on-board charger are included in the price. Standard equipment also includes 15-inch aluminium alloy sports wheels and a panoramic glass roof.

UK prices and equipment will have to wait, so keep following us to find out more.

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