The Omoda 5 is a C-segment SUV/crossover produced by the Chinese Chery Group. It arrived in Europe a few weeks ago, and boasts a modern design to compete with fierce, well-established rivals such as the Volkswagen Tiguan and Peugeot 3008, to name a few.

However, to make your mark in this difficult segment, you need, above all, a highly technological and spacious interior, with all the comforts of home and good quality materials. So let's take a look at the Omoda 5's cabin and its interior dimensions.

Omoda 5, the dashboard

The interior of the Omoda 5 has a minimal but striking style, with a décor very reminiscent of that of certain Mercedes, the A-Class and the GLA.

Indeed, the dashboard is developed horizontally and is almost entirely devoid of physical controls. The only touch-sensitive buttons located in the centre of the console (below the large infotainment system, which we'll look at in a moment) are designed to provide shortcuts - handy when on the move, to activate or deactivate certain important on-board systems, such as the air conditioning.


In terms of technology, the upper part of the dashboard houses two 10.25-inch screens: one for the 100% digital instrument cluster, the other for the infotainment system, positioned next to each other and surrounded by a single frame with sloping side edges.

The instrument cluster behind the steering wheel, in particular, features customisable graphics and displays information about the vehicle, the trip computer and the operation of the driving assistants.

Omoda 5

Omoda 5, the steering wheel

Omoda 5

Omoda 5, the automatic gear selector

The equipment is rounded off by a wireless smartphone charger positioned on the central tunnel, around the small gear lever and close to a number of buttons for everyday use, such as the one for operating the handbrake, the one for managing the driving modes, or the one for activating the seat heating.

The steering wheel is cut at the bottom to give it a sporty look and incorporates various physical controls to manage the information displayed on the screens and the driving assistants.

Omoda 5, connectivity

The Omoda 5's infotainment system, as mentioned, consists of two screens of 10.2 inches each, perfectly juxtaposed and enclosed in a single frame.

It's from these screens that you manage the car's various driving settings, as well as the climate control and different driving modes. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility is obviously not lacking, even in wireless mode.

Omoda 5 2024  
Digital instrumentation 10.2-inch
Head-up display No
Central monitor 10.2-inch
Mirror Link Android Auto (not specified if wireless)
Apple CarPlay (not specified if wireless)
OTA na
Voice Assistant na

Omoda 5, quality and materials

The Omoda 5's seats are covered in a leather-like material. They have a 'monocoque' design, are heated and combined with, among other things, a non panoramic glass sunroof to let more light into the cabin.

As you can see in our video (at the bottom of the article), the air vents on the dashboard are small and adorned with a large multicoloured ambient lighting system.

Omoda 5, gli interni

Omoda 5, the sunroof

Omoda 5, the space

The Omoda 5 is, as we said, a C-segment crossover and as such offers good interior space, thanks in particular to its 2.63 metre wheelbase. Front and rear passengers enjoy good legroom, the rear bench seat has a regular design, even in the middle, and the central tunnel is not particularly bulky.

Omoda 5

Omoda 5, the boot

Omoda 5, gli interni

Omoda 5, the rear bench

On the other hand, the load volume is below the segment average, with a minimum capacity of 360 litres. No maximum capacity figures have been revealed, as the rear seatbacks fold in a 60:40 ratio.

Gallery: Omoda 5, the interior in detail