• Length: 4,373 mm
  • Width: 1,824 mm
  • Height: 1,588 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,610 mm
  • Luggage compartment: min 360 litres / max n.a.

It's called Omoda 5 and the Chinese SUV specifically designed for Europe, the first model of the newborn Chery Group brand, is about to officially arrive in Europe. Available with either petrol or electric powertrain, it differs in size and style depending on the power source.

Today we look at the petrol-powered Omoda 5, a compact SUV competing - in terms of size - with best-sellers such as the Dacia Duster, Nissan Qashqai and Kia Niro.

Omoda 5, the dimensions

The Omoda 5 is 4.37 metres long (4,373 mm), 1.82 metres wide (1,824 mm), 1.58 metres high (1,588 mm) and with a wheelbase, the distance between the front and rear wheel centres, of 2.61 metres (2,610 mm). 

<p>Omoda 5, the front 3/4</p>

Omoda 5, the front 3/4

Omoda 5, roominess and luggage compartment

The interior of the Omoda 5 has a minimalist and technological interior, with two 10-inch screens each perched on the dashboard. The 2.63-metre wheelbase is average for the category and allows for comfort both up front and in the back, where the central tunnel is barely noticeable and does not bother those sitting in the middle. The seat has a regular pattern and even the backrest has no particular humps. There are also air vents and a USB type C socket.

<p>Omoda 5, the interior</p>

Omoda 5, the interior

<p>Omoda 5, the boot</p>

Omoda 5, the boot

The luggage compartment offers a minimum of 360 litres, which is below the segment average of well over 400 litres. Blame the particularly high floor and an ungenerous double bottom. The design is fairly regular, but useful accessories such as hooks to hold smaller objects in place are missing.

As mentioned, the Omoda 5 is available with either a petrol engine or an electric powertrain, the latter combined with a body with different shapes and proportions.

Version Fuel supply Power Transmission
Omoda 5 1.6 4-cylinder petrol 184 PS  7-speed dual-clutch automatic
Omoda 5 EV electric 204 PS Automatic

Omoda 5, competitors with similar dimensions

The compact SUV segment is full of competitors to the Omoda 5, with different powertrain types. There is the Hyundai Kona, Nissan Qashqai, Seat Ateca, Dacia Duster, Jeep Compass, Renault Symbioz and Kia Niro.

Model Length Luggage compartment
Omoda 5 4.37 metres 360/n.a. litres
Dacia Duster 4.34 metres 427/n.d. litres
Hyundai Kona 4.35 metres 466/1,300 litres
Kia Niro 4.42 metres 451/1,445 litres
Jeep Compass 4.39 metres 438/1,387 litres
Nissan Qashqai 4.42 metres 504/1,593 litres
Renault Symbioz 4.41 metres 492/1,582 litres
Seat Ateca 4.38 metres 485/1,579 litres
The Omoda 5 seen live

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