The Tesla Model Y is set to become the best-selling car in Europe in 2023. A record figure: never in history has a model from a non-European manufacturer left everyone behind. Considering the purely electric nature of Elon Musk's mid-size SUV, the eventual top spot will go down in the history books.

That's why the restyling of the Tesla Model Y is more than a matter of importance for the company, which must carefully model it to improve the recipe while retaining all the elements that have made it so successful. Of course, there will be no major changes (as with any restyling), but instead updates, many of which will presumably be taken from the Model 3, which was refreshed a few months ago. So here's a summary of everything we know about the 2024 Model Y, with an exclusive render showing how it will change on the outside.

The first time

Changes that, as we said, will be taken directly from the 2023 Model 3. Starting with the front end. The 2024 Tesla Model Y (codenamed Project Juniper) will feature changes mainly at the front, with more streamlined light clusters and a new light signature with LED matrix lights. It will also have a revised bumper, which will be even more aerodynamically efficient to maximise range and reduce noise. As mentioned above, this is not a ground-breaking design, but just the right touches to refresh the Model Y's look, while distinguishing it from the version currently on the market.

At the rear, the design centre headed by Franz Von Holzhausen will return to the lines of the facelifted Model 3, with C-shaped lights integrated into the tailgate, which is also in the process of undergoing a partial facelift.

Nuova Tesla Model Y (2024), il render di

Tesla Model Y 2024, our rendering

Dual screen, higher quality

The interior of the Tesla Model Y 2024 will receive the same treatment as the exterior: updates, but along the lines of what we saw in the restyled Model 3. The 15-inch central display will remain, with refreshed infotainment and again without Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility.

The transmission controls should be integrated into the screen, so it will no longer be operated with the classic steering column-mounted lever. The steering wheel will have a classic shape (no Yoke then), with tactile and physical buttons to manage gauges, lights, voice commands and so on.  

The centre tunnel will house the dual wireless charging plate for smartphones, as well as cup holders and a generous compartment under the armrest. For rear passenger use, there will be an 8-inch monitor with controls for climate, ventilation and entertainment to view multimedia content from major streaming platforms.

Nuova Tesla Model 3 (2023)

The interior of the 2023 Tesla Model 3

More range

Powertrain for the 2024 Tesla Model Y will confirm the availability of rear- and all-wheel-drive versions, with power ratings of 231 bhp (170 kW) and 340 bhp (250 kW). Range is expected to increase over the current version, with the single-motor configuration reaching 283 miles (455 km), while the two-motor configuration reaches 331 miles (533 km) on the Long Range and 319 miles (514 km) on the Performance. 

Prices for the Tesla Model Y 2024 (arriving in the second half of next year) could rise slightly, although it is possible that Elon Musk will decide to keep the price list unchanged, at least initially. Should the Model 3 philosophy be followed, the increase should remain small, with a premium of around £1,000, bringing the starting price to £45,990.

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