Just a couple of days after the new Citroen C4 and its electric e-C4 sibling were launched, you can already walk into a showroom and buy one… Kind of. Or, if you’d rather avoid the coronavirus-laden world outside, you can buy one online and have it delivered to your house just a few days later.

It all sounds great. We motoring writers haven’t had to wait months to tell you how much the car will cost, and the car-buying public don’t have to twiddle their thumbs as they wait for a factory on the other side of the world to build and ship their new motor.

But the best bit is the price. Not only are the new C4 models available for miniscule amounts of money, but the running costs are tiny. No fuel bills, no road tax, no need for insurance – it’s a recipe for motoring nirvana.

Of course, the one slight issue is that you can’t actually drive either car. Not all the way to the shops or your kids’ school, at least. That’s because when we say C4 models, we mean C4 models. As in scale models. As in toys.

2021 Citroen C4 scale models

Although that may come as a crushing disappointment for those eagerly awaiting the chance to put their name down for a full-size version of the new Citroen hatchback, but collectors and kids (both large and small) will be happy to see the C4’s modern lines replicated in die cast form.

There’s a choice of two sizes, with those of a more playful disposition more likely to choose the smaller, 1:64 scale models, which come with a recommended retail price of €5, or about £4.50 at current exchange rates. Those cars come in a choice of four colours, with Polar White, Elixir Red, Iceland Blue or Caramel Brown all in the offing.

2021 Citroen C4 scale models

Collectors, meanwhile, might be more tempted by the larger, more expensive 1:43 models, which cost €37 (roughly £33.40). Sadly, despite the higher price tag, these cars are only available with a choice of two colours, with buyers forced to choose between Iceland Blue or Caramel Brown.

For those awaiting the full-size version of the new C4, we’d like to apologise if the introduction to this article got your hopes up. However, we expect to report pricing for the new hatchback soon, as orders open this summer ahead of first deliveries later in 2020.

Gallery: Citroen C4 scale models