2017 Lotus Evora Review


While it’s impossible to expect Lotus to compete head-to-head in the wider sports car marketplace with established, volume brands like Porsche, what it produces out of its Hethel factory in Norfolk has always had the capacity to surprise. The cars tend to get better with time, too, which is the case with the Evora, originally launched way back in 2009. The Evora 400 got a significant overhaul in 2015, removing many of the compromises traditionally associated with a Lotus purchase - notably, the Evora is far easier to get in and out of, and once you’re in it the interior is actually fitted to a standard that’s more in keeping with the price tag. The performance has never been in question, nor the handling, though Lotus’s propensity for tweaking things has improved these further still. It’s no Porsche, but to many that’s a huge part of its appeal.


Body Style: Sports car           Seats: 2/4               MRP from £72,000-£79,900


Did you know? The Evora is now easier to get in and out of, thanks to 43mm narrower and 56mm lower sills. That helps. A lot.  

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Verdict: ★★★★★★★☆☆ (6.6/10)

Lotus tends to appeal to a very specific audience, buyers who value driving dynamics, performance, and agility over everything else. That used to bring some compromises, but the Evora 400 is less burdened than Lotus models of old, as the cabin is spacious and easier to ge...