2017 Jaguar XF Review


This is the Jaguar XF in its second generation and it’s a case of ‘do not adjust your set’, as this car looks very similar to the smaller XE within its own stable. The XF is an attractive, well-equipped executive saloon that drives beautifully and which has plenty of luxury appointments, and it currently has a cheaper starting price than its key rivals. The XF is sold only as a four-door saloon, with most models featuring rear-wheel drive; four-wheel drive is offered as an option. A six-speed manual represents the first time the XF has come with a clutch pedal, although the vast majority of the Jaguar range runs the eight-speed automatic. Four trim lines and a choice of forced induction petrol and diesel engines ensure that there’s plenty of variety within the XF family.


Body Style: Saloon                Seats: 5                           MRP from £32,490 - £51,100


Did you know? The fastest-ever Jaguar was, for many years, the XJ220 – until a modified Mk1 XFR hit almost 226mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2008.

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Verdict: ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9.1/10)

The Jaguar XF Mk2 is a prime example of how quickly the automotive industry moves these days. Here we have an undeniably beautiful midsized premium executive saloon that has a corking chassis, excellent levels of refinement, a range of powerful and efficient engines, and plenty of the latest technology stuffed int...