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Juan Antonio García

Juan Antonio García,

Editor multimedia

With a double degree in audiovisual communication and business administration and management, Juan Antonio joined the Spain team at the beginning of 2021. But before immersing himself fully in this car thing, he had time to train well in the plane audiovisual, with a module for producing audiovisual projects and shows, as well as beginning his professional career as a camera operator at Sexta Noticias. Passionate about communication, the economy and everything related to the audiovisual world, 'Juanan' (as we like to call him) has also been 'bitten' by the engine and competition bug since he was a child. Hence you also see the photos and videos of him on Spain. And if the cameras are good for you, don't fall into the trap of challenging him to a paddle tennis match, since, as has happened to almost all of us in the newsroom, you will end up losing... and paying the 'recovery' after the match.

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