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Anton Andres

Anton Andres,

Weekend Contributor

Whereas most car enthusiasts develop their love of cars from their fathers, Anton inherited it from his mother. His family's interesting and quirky car history further strengthened his love of cars, especially for the underrated and unloved models. But just about anything with an engine is interesting for Anton, from something as humble as a Kia Picanto, to engineering marvels such as the Boeing 747.

Anton used to be a racing school instructor for Tuason Racing School in the Philippines, before trading his helmet for a laptop to join the motoring beat in 2015. He spent six years with local motoring website,, as a presenter, and features and road tests editor. During his time with the publication, he has covered motor shows and events in and out of the Philippines. His personal highlight? Getting sent to Japan to cover the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show.

Outside the motoring beat, Anton is a Europhile when it comes to cars. He has owned a BMW E39 5 Series, another 5 Series (an E34), and most recently, the rather unappreciated W202 Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Right now, he just wants (and needs) something that starts in the morning and doesn't leak oil all over the driveway.

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