Every day in this country seems to involve an endless bombardment of Brexit-related bluster. Wherever you go, you just can't escape it. But the issue is an important one - particularly for the country's car industry, which is preparing for this worst-case scenario of a "hard", no-deal exit from Europe. Britain has many production plants punctuating its green and pleasant land, and there are no less than 850,000 people who depend directly on this sector. Even so, as Brexit rumbles on, some plants have already been forced to close temporarily to lower their production, while others are reportedly considering relocating to the continent.

Of the 1.7 million cars produced in the United Kingdom in 2017, almost 80% were exported, half of them to European markets, so it's no stretch to imagine that the rise in customs tariffs and logistical concerns would have a detrimental effect on the whole chain. Rising car prices and increased paperwork could cause long queues at the borders, which could in turn drive the UK car industry to ruin.

To better understand how important the issue is to the British automotive industry, here is a slide show of UK-based car manufacturers, their factories, and the car models that are produced there.