PSA and BMW will still close UK factories this month.

BMW and PSA are pushing ahead with plans for temporary factory shutdowns, despite the delay with Brexit.

Both firms usually shut down their factories in the summer, but both brought them forward to April to minimise the anticipated disruption brought about by a no-deal Brexit and the customs complications that it was expected to bring.

However, Britain is yet to leave the EU – the March 29 deadline has passed and instead April 12 is the earliest date Britain could depart the Union.

Nevertheless, both firms are carrying on with their plans for an April close down. The BMW-owned Mini factory in Oxford will close temporarily, as will Rolls-Royce's production facility in Goodwood. The PSA-owned Vauxhall factory in Ellesmere Port which produces the Astra is also keeping its plan to close down for a short period in April.

Vauxhall Ellesmere Port

The shutdowns are planned several months in advance and are extremely difficult to reschedule. They are implemented to allow employees to take holidays, and for manufacturers to adjust volumes.

"This is what our company and our workforce have planned for over many months and it is fixed into our business planning," a BMW spokesman is quoted by Automotive News Europe.

BMW and PSA aren't the only companies planning factory shutdowns this month. Jaguar Land Rover has previously announced plans to close three factories in April, and Honda has planned a similar arrangement as well.

Honda Civic production, Swindon

Beyond temporary shutdowns, future car production in Britain is still somewhat up in the air. BMW is set to build its upcoming electric Mini in Oxford, but PSA is set to close one of its UK plants with Ellesmere Port being the most likely candidate for closure.

Honda has announced it will be ceasing production at its Swindon factory in 2021 in a move it said was unrelated to Brexit, while Nissan has decided it won't be building the X-Trail SUV in the UK either. Toyota has also warned that it could be forced out of Britain after Brexit, but has confirmed plans to build cars for Suzuki in the UK.