2017 BMW 6 Series GT review: Practical luxury


Answering a question nobody asked, or a clever exercise in niche-filling choice, the 6 Series GT can arguably be considered as both. A big, luxurious hatchback that’s practical and comfortable for those conflicted souls wanting a one-car-covers-all solution.   

Body Style: 5 door hatchback Seats: 5  MRP from £46,810-£57,570 

Did you know? The 6 Series Gran Turismo is spacious indeed, with a larger boot - seats up and down - than its 5 Series Touring relation.


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Verdict 7.0 / 10

The 6 Series Gran Turismo very much describes the car market’s current obsession to fill every conceivable niche. Here we have a large hatchback, which brings more space than a 5 Series Touring in its boot, and near 7 Series levels of space and comfort in the rear seats. It has few direct rivals, those conceptually close to it majoring more on style and driving dynamics than the functional, comfort-orientated offering here.

Think of it then as an evolutionary missing link between an SUV and a saloon - being slightly higher, more spacious and comfortable. All of which sounds fairly reasonable, but the compromise is slightly awkward styling and a drive that’s not as engaging as you might anticipate from a BMW.

You’ll find yourself justifying and explaining it to everyone, b...