2017 Tesla Model X review: Great family car, great electric car


Demand and interest surrounding electric cars may be rising rapidly, but for now, that interest remains niche. In 2017, electric car sales in the UK accounted for less than 1 percent of total market sales, so the righteous path to a zero emissions future is clearly going to be a long one. Tesla is an electric carmaker that is helping accelerate this change, challenging how cars are sold and serviced and fundamentally shifting our perception of what an EV can do. Time to find out if its Model X family SUV can be both disrupter and a genuinely useful family car.

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Verdict 8.0 / 10

Did you know? Tesla has open sourced its patents to accelerate EV tech across the industry

Tesla Model X First Drive

There is nothing like the Tesla Model X. As both an electric car and an SUV, it’s bang on trend, blending the two fastest-growing sectors of the new car market. It also does more than most electric cars combined to dismantle any fears of range anxiety and embrace next generation interior design. If you’re a tech-savvy family person that likes the idea of guilt-free pace, 4G connectivity and requires space for up to seven, then it needs to be on your shortlist.

Be warned, however, that more all-electric challengers are on the horizon while today, some more traditional hybrid alternatives rem...