2016 Porsche 718 Cayman review


The Cayman arrived in 2005, Porsche’s mid-engined coupe, which, whisper it, was arguably the measure of its 911 contemporary. Some might write off the sharply styled two-seat entry-level Porsche as a ‘poor man’s 911’, but that does the Cayman a serious disservice. It has been the class leader for dynamics and sheer driver appeal since its introduction, though 2016 saw some significant and not entirely welcome changes to its technical specification. Gone is the glorious, high-revving flat-six engine, Porsche instead replacing it with a turbocharged flat-four unit. It’s still a boxer in its configuration and it’s still mounted in the middle - meaning the dynamics remain sensational - but the core character of the car has changed with its transplanted heart. Signalling that revolution came a different name, adding '718' to the start. It's an historical, if tenuous, nod to a racer from the late 1950s that had the same engine configuration.  

Body Style: Sports car       Seats: 2                   MRP from £42,897 - £51,853


Did you know? The Cayman used to cost more than the Boxster, but with the change to the 718 models Porsche swapped them around on the price lists.

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Verdict 8.0 / 10

The 718 Cayman remains at the absolute top of the small ...