2016 Porsche 718 Boxster review: Fast, fun, flat


Like its 911 relation in the class above, the Porsche Boxster and faster Boxster S have long been the benchmark by which all rivals have been judged. Deservedly so, too, as Porsche’s two-seat, mid-engined roadster is a phenomenal sports car, with poise, performance, and huge badge appeal. Priced at a level that - while not inexpensive - is within the reach of a far wider audience than the 911 above, it’s been a huge success for Porsche.

In 2016 the Boxster underwent arguably its biggest revision since its introduction nearly 20 years ago. Porsche removed the naturally aspirated flat-six engine and replaced it with a turbocharged flat-four, significantly changing the car’s character. Signalling that change was the addition of the '718' to the Boxster name, which is a reverential nod to an historic racing Porsche with a similar engine configuration - though one only the most informed Porsche fans will get. 

Body Style: Sports car      Seats: 2                MRP from £44,758 - £55,714

Did you know? The 718 added to the Boxster badge harks back to a successful Porsche racer from the late 1950s that had a four-cylinder boxer engine.

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Verdict 8.0 / 10

The 718 Boxster remains very much the car that heads its class and, dynamically at least, has a few...