Tesla has accustomed us over the years to a strategy of continually updating its models, not only in software but also in mechanics and batteries. So now it is happening on the Cybertruck, which will receive a more modern and reliable electric motor.

The good thing is that the change doesn't only affect those examples of the pick-up that have yet to roll off the production lines. In fact, Tesla has contacted some of the first owners of the vehicle to inform them that they will soon be called in to organise the replacement of part of the powertrain.

No danger

Tesla makes it known that the initiative was not taken for safety reasons, but that the decision only comes as a matter of efficiency. The intervention, in detail, will lead to the replacement of one of the motors with a better-performing component. It was not specified whether it was the front or rear.

Tesla emphasises several times in the communication that driving a Cybertruck is in no way dangerous, but that the adoption of the new motor allows the vehicle to take a leap forward in terms of efficiency and reliability.

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

A strange way to increase efficiency

The choice is an unusual one. It is fine to update the software, especially if it can be done with remote updates released over-the-air, but replacing an engine on a vehicle already on the roads is strange. And there are various aspects that still need to be clarified. For instance, how many Cybertrucks will receive the new engine?

There are rumours that Elon Musk and co. have encountered problems and want to solve them before word gets out are already circulating. But, officially, this is because Tesla works on continuous improvements to its vehicles and studies all components internally to find more refined solutions. It remains something that has never been done before, even by the American company.

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