Electric cars, spaceships, humanoid robots, social networks and more. Elon Musk is certainly not the type who is afraid to dive into new businesses and launch innovative products. The eccentric CEO's next venture could therefore range from one technology to another. What seems to be tickling the supermanager's fancy at the moment, however, is a very specific idea: that of a smartphone.

It is the number 1 of Tesla and SpaceX himself who leaves a trail in this regard, and he does so, as usual, on X, responding to a post speculating a partnership between the social network and Samsung for the development of a phone.

All the social clues

In the fantasies of the post's author, the phone would be called 'X OS' and would be an open source device designed to protect users' privacy, as well as being connected to Starlink, 'optimised for the X app' and integrated with Tesla cars, robots and robotaxis and systems from The Boring Company and Neuralink.


'Not to be ruled out', the telegraphic response from Elon Musk, who had, however, already let slip a few hints in the past. It was last November when the CEO took part in The New York Times' DealBook Summit and declared, 'If it is necessary to make a phone, I will make a phone'.


Intentions confirmed in recent days by other social publications. One above all: the post by Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, announcing the integration between Apple and ChatGPT, the flagship app of OpenAI, a company co-founded in 2015 and abandoned in 2018 by Elon Musk himself.

"This is not what I wanted", denounces however the Tesla boss, who is very critical of some of the app's functions, so much so as to threaten, "Stop this creepy spying or I will ban all Apple devices from my corporate offices".


Hence the possible move to produce a smartphone, reported again on X, "If Apple actually integrates woke nanny AI spyware into their OS, we might need to do that!"