With lots of new technology and some visual measures, the Morgan Plus Four is set to become more contemporary. Fortunately, the classic lines have been retained, as has the four-cylinder engine from BMW, which ensures driving performance befitting its status.

The Morgan Plus Four is a classic sports car that has been built virtually unchanged since 1950. In 2020, the model underwent the most radical cut in its history when it was converted from an outdated steel chassis to a modern aluminium substructure.

The name also changed from "Morgan Plus 4" to "Plus Four" to emphasise this radical step for the manufacturer. Despite this significant change, the exterior appearance of the vehicle remained largely the same - fortunately!

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For the 2024 model year, Morgan has once again put a lot of effort into modernising the technology in particular, but has also made careful modifications to the appearance. The wings have been given a more distinctive shape thanks to a new production technique. The days of surface-mounted indicators are over, as new main headlights with integrated indicators improve the lighting. 

The look of the vehicle is subtly refreshed by a modified front spoiler, a new number plate holder and an adapted logo. The mirrors have also been redesigned to provide a more jitter-free view to the rear.

Morgan Plus Four (2024)

Morgan Plus Four (2024)

The Plus Four is still powered by a two-litre four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine from BMW, which produces 258 PS and 350 Nm of torque. The power is transmitted exclusively to the rear wheels, with a theoretical choice between a manual six-speed gearbox or a ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. But let's be honest: this car is a manual, isn't it?

The standard suspension has been revised with newly tuned springs and dampers for optimised road holding. An optional Dynamic Handling package, developed in collaboration with Nitron and featuring fully adjustable dampers including height adjustment and a stabiliser bar on the front axle, is available for an extra charge. In addition, the corrosion protection measures in the body area have been improved and a revised cooling system reduces weight and increases reliability.

In the interior, the occupants can look forward to higher-quality standard loudspeakers, while an optional Sennheiser upgrade package ensures an even better listening experience. The controls for the exterior lighting have been moved to the display and the interior lighting has also been improved. The remote control in the key fob should now reach with more range.

So a lot of detailed work to make the little Morgan fit for the future. In the UK, the refreshed Morgan Plus Four is available at prices starting from £71,830, with the base price applying to both gearshift options. Anyone looking for a classic English sports car with state-of-the-art technology and contemporary performance will find what they are looking for here!