It can be driven from 16 years of age, has four seats, full standard equipment and can travel around 60 miles on a single charge. This is the Jinpeng XY, the Chinese electric quadricycle that is coming to Europe, initially in Italy. The first deliveries are scheduled for mid-summer.

Available in two battery versions, its price starts at €12,000 (approx. £10,200), with the possibility of accessing Italian incentives and obtaining a "discount" of up to €4,000 (£3,400).

Jinpeng XY, exterior

The Jinpeng XY, imported into Italy by Desner auto, is immediately recognisable, with the front area characterised by the light bar that integrates with the LED headlights. The contrasting rear-view mirrors are also original, while the rest of the bodywork features soft shapes and rounded wheel arches that convey an idea of robustness.

The Jinpeng XY electric quadricycle

The Jinpeng XY electric quadricycle

Jinpeng XY, dimensions

The real advantage of the Jinpeng lies in its dimensions. The Chinese electric quadricycle (category L7e-CP) is 2.85 m long, 1.40 m wide and 1.54 m high. With these figures, the XY really does look like it would be safe in a big city car park.

Jinpeng XY  
Length 2.85 metres
Width 1.40 metres
Height 1.54 metres
Wheelbase 1.94 metres
Jinpeng XY, the front view

Jinpeng XY, front view

Jinpeng XY, the rear three-quarter view

Jinpeng XY, three-quarter rear view

Jinpeng XY, the interior

The interior is minimalist, but it contains everything you need to travel without too much discomfort. For example, on the Jinpeng, there's a touch-sensitive multimedia system, voice controls, LED parking lights and dipped headlights.

There's also a dedicated driving mode and folding mirrors, as well as air conditioning (on E-CCO versions). The seats are in fabric with contrasting stitching.

Jinpeng XY, the instrument panel detail

Jinpeng XY, detail of dashboard

Jinpeng XY, the rear seats

Jinpeng XY, rear seats

Jinpeng XY, the engines

The XY is available in two battery and engine sizes. The City model is fitted with a 6 kWh lead battery and a 5 PS (4 kW), 79 Nm motor. This configuration offers an estimated range of 62 miles.

For those who want greater range and better performance, there's the Long Range variant. This model is equipped with a 7.68 kWh lithium-ion battery, an 8 PS (6 kW) motor and 95 Nm, and guarantees a range of over 62 miles. What's more, the top speed is limited to 40 mph (65 km/h), compared with 28 mph (45 km/h) for the base model.

Jinpeng XY, full specifications

Model City City
Long Range

Long Range


Dimensions length: 2.85 m
width: 1.4 m
height: 1.54 m
length: 2.85 m
width: 1.4 m
height: 1.54 m
length: 2.85 m
width: 1.4 m
height: 1.54 m
length: 2.85 m
width: 1.4 m
height: 1.54 m
Weight 611 kg 611 kg 514.5 kg 514.5 kg
Range 45 miles 45 miles 50 miles 50 miles
Fuel consumption 147 Wh/km 147 Wh/km 126 Wh/km 126 Wh/km
Recharging time 6-8 h 6-8 h 6-8 h 6-8 h
Battery 6 kWh 6 kWh battery 7.68 kWh 7.68 kWh
Speed 28 mph 28 mph 40 mph 40 mph
Torque 79 Nm 79 Nm 95 Nm 95 Nm
Engine 5 PS 5 PS 8 PS 8 PS

Jinpeng XY, price

The basic City model starts at €12,000 (approx. £10,200), while the Long Range model has a base price of €15,500 (£13,200). As already mentioned, both models offer incentives to help you save money on your purchase.

Standard equipment includes front and rear electric windows, keyless start, two USB sockets for fast charging, Bluetooth connectivity, Schuko charging cable and folding rear bench seat.

La Jinpeng XY su strada

The Jinpeng XY on the road

Heating is standard on all Jinpeng models. Air conditioning can be added with the optional E-CCO pack, available for €1,100 (£940). XYs come in gloss white as standard. However, for an additional €500 (£425), you can opt for the following colours: pastel sky blue, pastel green and pastel lilac.

Towards the end of 2024, the special Full Black colour will be available to order.

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