The Jaecoo brand is one of this year's newcomers, and its range is already expanding with a new 4.40 metre SUV. Following on from the Jaecoo 7 and Jaecoo 8, it's now the turn of the Jaecoo 6, an electrically-powered compact SUV with off-road ambitions, all-wheel drive and a minimum ground clearance of 17 centimetres.

Already on sale in several Asian countries, as well as Australia and New Zealand, the Jaecoo 6 could soon find itself on our roads. For the moment, we have no details on pricing.

Jaecoo 6, exterior

The Jaecoo 6 is inspired by off-road vehicles, with clean, square lines that make it appear larger and more imposing than it actually is. The front end is strongly upright, with LED headlamps in the shape of an inverted L, linked by a grille made up of numerous thin vertical slats.

The sides feature large, sharp-edged glass surfaces and the door handles have been replaced by small buttons that activate electric opening, while the pronounced wings further emphasise the model's off-road credentials. Behind, on the large side-opening tailgate, is a small box for storing small items or charging cables.

Jaecoo 6, dimensions

Length 4.40 metres
Width 1.91 metres
Wheelbase 2.71 metres
Height 1.71 m
Weight 1,892 kg

Jaecoo 6, interior

On board, the Jaecoo 6 retains its sharp, square lines, with a horizontal dashboard. The infotainment system's touchscreen is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 processor and has a diagonal screen size of 15.6 inches, providing access to both the multimedia system's functions and the car's various settings. A second 10.25-inch screen located behind the steering wheel serves as the instrument panel.

Jaecoo 6 (2024)

Jaecoo 6 (2024)

 Jaecoo 6, engine and battery

The electric drive train of the Jaecoo consists of two permanent magnet motors, one on each axle. At the front is a power unit with 95 PS and 165 Nm of torque, while at the rear is a more powerful unit with 184 PS and 220 Nm. The resulting system produces 279 PS and 375 Nm. From a standstill, the Jaecoo 6 reaches 62 mph in 6.5 seconds.

The two electric units are powered by a 69.8 kWh lithium-ion battery that promises a range of 292 miles calculated according to the NEDC homologation cycle and can be recharged at a maximum power of 85 kW DC, enabling it to go from 30% to 80% in just half an hour.

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