It took a short time for the Robotaxi project to go from being a sort of chimera announced on several occasions (and for many years) by Elon Musk to a priority for Tesla. In recent months, in fact, the project that will lead to the realisation of the American company's first fully self-driving vehicle seems to have undergone a strong acceleration.

While waiting for it to be shown officially, today we can perhaps see its interior for the first time. Is this a blatant oversight or a clever move to turn the spotlight back on the model? Hard to say. But let's see what happened.

The leak in a video

Tesla has released a new video showing the cockpit of a model that has never been seen before, and which is certainly not among those currently on the market.


The video in question was released by the company in order to convince shareholders to vote in favour of certain issues, including Elon Musk's compensation (around $56 billion). At one point, in one of the shots, there are some representatives of the style centre commenting on a series of sketches. The minimalist interior with white upholstery is clearly visible. There appear to be only two seats, with the possibility of reclining an armrest between them.

Why do you think of the Robotaxi

They are more like those of a public transport vehicle than a passenger car. The dashboard seems to be occupied by the ever-present central monitor, but there is no trace of a steering wheel, and that is precisely why it is thought to be the Robotaxi.

The two-seater cockpit and the lines of the side that can be glimpsed in that video suggest that the exterior of the Robotaxi - shown in the past in Elon Musk's biography written by Walter Isaacson - might not be so far from reality. But, at the moment, the utmost secrecy remains about this vehicle that, according to Musk himself, will be unveiled on 8 August.