It seems that the Tesla Cybertruck hype isn't gone yet, as California-based luxury motorhome specialist Living Vehicle has announced its latest innovation, the CyberTrailer, capturing the spirit of the Cybertruck. This high-tech creation blends the futuristic styling of the electric truck with luxury equipment and smart systems making off-grid stays more pleasant. And it’s not limited to electric-powered vehicles only.

More than just a luxury camper, according to its creators, this sleek caravan doubles as a mobile charging station, boasting advanced technology that enables it to supply power to both itself and its towing vehicle in case the latter is electric. The CyberTrailer utilises a combination of advanced solar panels and backup power generation systems, ensuring that intrepid travellers can venture further off-grid than ever before.

Gallery: Living Vehicle CyberTrailer

One of the standout features of the CyberTrailer is its proprietary water generation system, which extracts moisture from the air, coupled with advanced water and waste recycling processes. These technologies, already proven in some of Living Vehicle’s other products, allow owners to extend their travels without the need for traditional water or waste hookups. This means that explorers can immerse themselves in nature "without leaving a trace."

Designed with versatility in mind, the CyberTrailer is compatible with a range of vehicles, from electric models like the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Rivian R1T, to conventional half-tonne petrol and diesel trucks. High-power alternators in motor-based tow vehicles can also serve as backup power sources.

A folding patio and gear-hauler ramp will also be included in the package, but those probably won't come without extra cost. An Apple iPad tablet is in charge of controlling most of the trailer's features. There are no photos of the interior yet but given Living Vehicle's history of building luxury motorhomes, we expect above-average amenities.

As Living Vehicle gears up for production, more detailed specifications and additional images of the CyberTrailer’s exterior and interior will be released. Starting at $175,000 (about £138,000 with the current exchange rates), about 80 per cent of the reservations are already snapped up and prospective buyers are urged to act quickly to secure their spot. A fully refundable deposit of $100 will reserve a CyberTrailer, with deliveries expected to begin in 2025.