Please do not step over the barrier. And please don't touch anything! Tesla is touring Europe with the Cybertruck and is presenting the mighty vehicle almost like the Holy Grail, including a little show. Hardly any other new car polarises as much as the electric pick-up. For this reason alone, it is interesting to be able to see the Cybertruck live.

At my side: friend Rainer, owner of a Tesla Model S, friend of the brand, some even say Elon fan. He is enthusiastic about the mighty geo-triangle and thinks that all that is missing are square wheels to round off the look. But even he doesn't deny the size of the Cybertruck. You have to rethink your own garage, he says. And I add: you can forget about car parks.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck (2024) Live

Let's take a look at the key data presented by Tesla on site:

Technical data Tesla Cybertruck (2024)
length 5,682 mm
width 2,200 mm (with exterior mirrors folded in)
Height 1,790 mm
Unladen weight 3,104 kg
Load volume 3,423 litres
Wheels 20 inch
Ground clearance 433 mm in "Extract Mode"
Drive system All-wheel drive
Towing capacity 4,990 kg
Top speed over 112 mph
0-100 km/h 4.1 sec.
Range 340 miles; 470 miles (with range extender)
Charging time up to 128 miles in 15 minutes

A glance at the charging port shows the Cybertruck shown is the US version, of which around 4,000 have been built to date. However, it has already been affected by a recall. According to the data sheet, Tesla offers a basic warranty of four years or 80,000 kilometres (50,000 miles), and eight years or 240,000 kilometres (150,000 miles) for the battery and drivetrain.

Inside, the Cybertruck is as clean as the other Teslas, such as the recently revised Model 3. Apart from the steering wheel and the large touchscreen, there is hardly anything else that catches the eye inside. The screen in the cockpit measures 18.5 inches, with 9.4 inches in the rear. But as mentioned at the beginning: it was not possible to try out the seats. However, the space on offer from the outside makes a generous impression.

Tesla Cybertruck (2024) Live
Tesla Cybertruck (2024) Live
Tesla Cybertruck (2024) Live

And what else? The stainless steel body does not forgive fingerprints, both the frunk and the load area are enormous. The view to the rear is likely to be rather modest. The door edges live up to their name, but we wouldn't call them sharp-edged. There is certainly still room for improvement in terms of quality and workmanship, but the Cybertruck is only at the start of its production.

Tesla Cybertruck (2024) Live
Tesla Cybertruck (2024) Live

The key question, however, is whether the Cybertruck will make it to Europe at all. Well, Tesla will know exactly what the authorisation regulations are. A Ford F-150 Lightning, which is already on sale in Norway and Switzerland, is not much easier. But with a tour like the current one, the mood among Tesla fans is being tested. The price also remains open, as the Cybertruck would be imported from the USA. 

Our conclusion: It will be some time before we can buy the Cybertruck in Europe. First, Tesla has to get production under control. In addition, there is more than enough demand in the USA that needs to be satisfied. They will probably try to bring the Cybertruck to China first. However, there is already competition from there in the form of the BYD Shark.