As recently as yesterday there were rumours that Tesla might be focusing more and more on designing and marketing technology services, and today comes the news that Elon Musk's company is in the process of launching its own voice assistant.

The idea is simple: we have artificial intelligence, we have software experts in every field, we have a supercomputer (the Dojo), it doesn't take much to close the loop with an infotainment system with advanced voice commands and the ability to converse with those on board a Tesla. Again, you go the 'homemade' route, where many others prefer to buy externally (ChatGPT).

Everything will be done by voice

Elon Musk has been talking about this for years, but today, with the company xAI operating 100% on artificial intelligence, making what is technically called a chatbot to be integrated into cars will no longer be so complicated.

Confirmation that something is brewing comes from the discoveries of the well-known hacker Green (who often sticks his nose between the lines of Tesla's code) who found 'hidden' information in the latest version of the software released by the company (2024.14.3). This information suggests that a voice assistant in Tesla is indeed in the pipeline.


The move would be in line with Elon Musk's wish that in the future those travelling in a Tesla will not have to press any buttons or operate any controls, but will be able to manage everything by talking naturally with the car.

The latest news on the software front

The arrival of an advanced voice assistant in Tesla would lead to a small revolution in the user experience. In fact, as is also the case with cars from other manufacturers, having to manage every function of increasingly complex info-telematics systems with touch controls alone can sometimes be uncomfortable. Therefore, switching directly to voice commands will allow commands to be given more quickly and with less distraction while driving.

Returning to Green, in addition to the discovery of the voice assistant, the hacker noted that in the latest version of Tesla's code there are indications that the company is preparing to introduce a native Amazon Music app. The collaboration with the e-commerce giant intensifies after the debut of the Audible app, also produced by the Jeff Bezos-led company.