The Tesla Cybertruck lands in the UK, in a tour that Elon Musk's company calls Cyber Odyssey. There will be ten stops in the UK for the electric pick-up, which will travel around Europe from this week to 7 July: from London to Stockholm, passing through Berlin, Madrid, Paris and other capitals of the Old Continent.

The stages in UK

Announcing the tour is the American manufacturer itself, with a post on X from the Tesla Europe & Middle East account and with information on the official website. The curious will thus be able to get "more details on the specifications, functions and design features" of the vehicle.


Remember, however, that the Cybertruck is not yet on sale in Europe, either because Tesla has started (obviously) with marketing at home in the US, and because the authorities on the Old Continent have doubts about the vehicle's safety. Here are the tour dates:

  • London: 4-5 May
  • London: 6-10 May
  • London: 11 May
  • Solihull: 12-17 May
  • Birmingham: 18-19 May
  • Edinburgh: 1 June
  • Glasgow: 2 June
  • Belfast: 7-9 June
  • Manchester: 20-21 June
  • Manchester: 23-31 June

For more information, please visit the Tesla Cybertruck European tour website.

The specifications

As for the specifications, the electric pick-up boasts a claimed range of up to 340 miles and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in 2.7 seconds (depending on version), with a towing capacity of 4,990 kg.

Some stages of the Cyber Odyssey

Described as 'unbreakable' thanks to armoured glass that withstands 'the impact of a baseball at 70 mph or class 4 hail', the Tesla Cybertruck also boasts an ultra-hard stainless steel exoskeleton that 'helps reduce long-term dents, damage and corrosion', although 'repairs are quick and easy'.