After being announced with a teaser published a few days ago, the Omoda 7, the second model of the brand belonging to the Chery Group, made its debut at the Beijing Motor Show. Larger than the Omoda 5 (4.64 metres long versus 4.4) it fits into the segment of medium-sized SUVs like the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V and Ford Kuga, just to name a few examples. It is still too early to talk about prices, but we do know that the Omoda 7 will arrive in parts of Europe next year.

SUV for the world

As is increasingly the case with Chinese brands, the Omoda 7 has been conceived and designed not only to please Chinese motorists but to also be launched in many different markets. Europe included.

The lines are angular and taut, with a practically vertical nose and a particularly sloping rear window, while the roof runs almost completely parallel to the ground, coming somewhat close to the world of fastbacks. In general, the styling differs from that of the Omoda 5 (launched in the UK just recently), being more streamlined and slender, as if to give the impression of greater length at 4.64 metres.

Omoda 7

Omoda 7

There are no images yet of the interior, but the press release announces the presence of a central sliding 15.6-inch monitor for the infotainment system, equipped with a "four-zone" voice assistant, thus suggesting the presence of microphones both at the front and at the rear. There is also an active noise cancellation system and one dedicated to releasing different fragrances. 

Little is also known about the engine. For now, Omoda is merely talking about a plug-in powertrain that, with a full tank of fuel and a 100 per cent charged battery, promises more than 745 miles of autonomy. Unlike the Omoda 5, the Omoda 7 is not expected to have a 100 per cent electric variant. 

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