We are well aware that niche cars are not usually key to a brand's financial health, but they demonstrate a manufacturer's strength. On this point, Seat has always been quite rational and even more so since the Cupra versions became standalone cars. 

Now, since dreaming doesn't cost anything and there are real experts in image processing, why can't we talk about a Seat Leon Coupé, for example? X-Tomi Design brings us one (only in digital format, of course) that we would love to see become a reality.

It's not a compact body without rear doors (there was one at the time), but an elongated version, like an Audi A5, that would really surprise anyone on the street. It wouldn't escape the stares! Neither the shameless nor the indiscreet ones. 

SEAT coupé recreation

The two images accompanying this article are two other crazy Seats, another coupé and a supercar, both Audi-based (A5 and R8, respectively), which would have been a revolution within the Spanish brand. 

But back to the Leon Coupé, it could do with the two engines available in the five-door body: the 110 PS 1.0 TSI petrol, with and without light hybridisation, and the 150 PS 2.0 TDI diesel. The 1.5 TSI 130 PS 1.5 TSI is not listed in the official configurator.  

SEAT R8 2024

Of course we'd like a high-performance version, with the 310 PS 2.0 TSI used in the Cupra, but we won't be that demanding. As for the transmissions, both the six-speed manual and the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic are very pleasing. 

Granted, the Seat Leon Coupé wouldn't offer very roomy rear seats, but it would have enough luggage space for several suitcases.

Leon Coupé, from 30,000 euros

Another key point is the price. If the 5-door Leon starts at £23,905, including the brand's discount, can you imagine the Coupé for around £25,000?

That price would popularise a very passionate version and would not be a prohibitive car for those who don't have a family and are looking for a car that is more focused on design than practicality. In the end, we would like nothing more than for Seat to enjoy such a wide range to develop vehicles of this type, but the important thing is that it has a future in the electric era from 2035 onwards. We fervently hope so!

Source: X-Tomi Design

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Photo by: Óscar Romero