Norwegian start-up Fresco Motors is back in the news after two years' silence with the presentation - for the time being virtual - of its new electric MPV, the Fresco XL, with its unusual rounded shape and capacity for up to nine people in three rows of three.

Among the many astonishing promises made by Fresco Motors during the presentation of the first images of its XL is a range of around 1,000 km (621 miles) with a full charge of its "extra large" double-layer battery.

The company also announced for the first time an imminent series production of the Fresco XL, subcontracted under a contractual partnership, but also with small-scale production in Norway.

Minimalist Norwegian style

Espen Kvalvik, CEO and President of Fresco Motors, describes the Fresco XL he designed as an example of Norwegian style - minimalist and uncluttered, but also aerodynamic and designed to reduce the freezing problems of northern climates.

Fresco XL, la vista posteriore

Fresco XL, rear view

The same minimalist design is used inside the Fresco XL, which has yet to be officially unveiled, but is described as having sleek surfaces and very luxurious reclining seats made from "memory foam". The presence of screens is also deliberately kept to a minimum, limited to the speedometer on the dashboard.

Fresco XL, the official video

Two electric motors and four-wheel drive

Mechanically, the Fresco XL features two electric motors, one for each axle, which guarantee all-wheel drive and the possibility of precise torque vectoring to optimise the car's control and handling.

Fresco XL, la vista di tre quarti anteriore

Fresco XL, three-quarter front view

A truly unique option available for the Fresco XL is the 'solar trailer', in practice an additional trolley that houses an extra battery and solar panels to recharge it and ensure greater autonomy.

Jakob Kirsebom Lanto, Chief Financial Officer and member of Fresco's Board of Directors, said:

"We are confident that this meticulously designed vehicle will not only redefine luxury in the electric vehicle segment, but will also captivate and engage a wide range of stakeholders within our community, cementing Fresco's position as a pioneer of electric vehicle innovation."

Fresco XL, il render su strada

Fresco XL on the road

For the record, Fresco Motors is also using crowdfunding as a method of financing. On the official Fresco website, it is possible to buy shares in the company with a minimum investment of €1,000 (1,000 shares of €1 each).

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