It certainly doesn't come as a huge surprise now when we tell you that a new BMW M4 CS is on the way. As BMW Blog reports, the hotter M4 could debut as early as May. 

It follows on from the high-performance M4 CSL and M3 CS variants. The soulmate saloon came onto the market in March 2023. The M4 CS is likely to share its basic virtues with it. We are therefore expecting a version of the 3.0-litre biturbo in-line six-cylinder engine with an increased output of 550 PS. The extra power is achieved by increasing the boost pressure and adapting the engine management accordingly. In addition, there is the 8-speed automatic transmission and, unlike the outstandingly good predecessor, all-wheel drive.  

As the M4 Club Sport or Competition Sport (there are different views on this) is also likely to follow in the footsteps of the M3 CS apart from the drive system, we expect a small diet compared to a conventional M4 Competition xDrive. However, various body and interior parts made of carbon fibre and a titanium rear silencer will probably not save more than 20 kilos in weight. 

Previous prototype pictures have shown the performance-optimised coupé during tests at the Nürburgring, among other places. The visual changes were largely concealed. However, unlike the normal M4, the M4 CS will have an additional front spoiler and a spoiler lip at the rear. 

According to the BMW blog, the CS will be based on the facelifted M4, which was presented in January. The new features include optimised headlights, a flattened steering wheel and new displays. 

Currently, the most expensive M4, the Competition, costs £91,380. You may remember that the M3 CS came with an extremely hefty surcharge just over a year ago. The Munich-based company wanted £115,900 for its upgraded saloon. We strongly assume that the M4 CS will follow a very similar path. 

Production of the M4 CS, which is limited to a few thousand cars, is due to start in July. We will be able to drive the coupé for the first time in mid-May. Rumour has it that an M3 CS Touring will even be coming in 2025.

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