2017 BMW M3 Review


The M3 is one of BMW’s most well-known badges, but due to a model series renaming policy that began in 2014, it is no longer attached to the back of a coupe – that signal honour is reserved for the very, very closely-related M4. Instead, the M3 comes as a four-door saloon only, with a choice of two power outputs (431- or 450hp) and two gearboxes, keeping the range simple to understand. It was revised for the 2017MY with additional equipment, mildly modified looks, and an according slight increase in price and it competes with the likes of the Mercedes-AMG C 63, although there are fewer direct rivals for the saloon M3 than there are for the M4 Coupe.


Body Style: Saloon          Seats: 5           MRP from £57,355 - £60,355 


Did you know? The BMW M3 was 30 years old in 2016 and, to celebrate, a 30-piece limited edition was launched called the 30 Jahre – it cost a hefty £82,675.

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Verdict: ★★★★★★★★★☆ (8.6/10)

It’s hard not to think that the BMW M3 rather undoes the case for choosing the M4 instead. Not only is the saloon cheaper and more practical than its supposedly more glamorous two-door sibling, it wears the ‘proper’ petrolheads’ badging on its boot lid. There’s also an argument that says the M3 is sweeter to drive than the M4, although it – like the coupe – is a far spikier proposition than its predecessors if the roads turn even slightly damp. However...