First the switch from air to liquid cooling. Then the adoption of turbo engines not only on the Turbo. The Porsche 911 has made many revolutions over the years and has always managed to convince even the most sceptical. In the summer of 2024 there will be a new 'earthquake' in the history of the sports car and it will perhaps be the most disruptive.

In fact, at the 2023 results press conference, the presentation of the first Porsche 911 hybrid in history was made official, a momentous step accompanied by the term 'high-performance hybrid drive'. High-performance hybrid.

From racing to the road

The arrival of electrification will coincide with the general update of the 911, scheduled for summer 2024. New styling, technology and engine range which will not betray the classic flat-six boxer engine approach with 6 cylinders - as it was and as it should be, but just electrified.

"As seen in the racing world," reads the lengthy report published by Porsche, suggesting how the 911 hybrid will exploit the company's long experience in racing, borrowing some technology from the 963 that races in the WEC and IMSA, clearly leaving the V8 on the sidelines.

Porsche 911 GTS, le foto spia

Photos of the new Porsche 911 Turbo

But what will the powertrain of the Porsche 911 hybrid be like? There are no particular specifications, but it certainly won't be plug-in, so it won't have to carry around kilos and kilos of batteries. For the same reason it is unlikely to be a full hybrid. A more likely scenario would be an upgraded mild hybrid, with a 48V system and an electric motor driving the front wheels, while the 6-cylinder boxer will drive the rear axle. The battery pack should find space behind the rear seats, very close to the flat six, and weigh no more than 100 kg. To recharge, it will use the energy dissipated during braking and from the combustion engine, which will therefore also function as a generator.

Foto spia di prova della Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Porsche 911 GT2 RS, spy photos of the new generation

The other interesting news concerns the adoption of the new powertrain by multiple versions of the 911. In fact, there will not be just one hybrid but different variants with various power levels, including - it seems - the next GT2 RS, for which there is talk of power around 800 PS, with torque of at least 800 Nm.

So we'll just have to wait until the summer of 2024 to get a closer look at the Porsche 911 of the new revolution.