The most powerful Tesla Model 3 of all time is on its way. The proof is in the form of a spy video shot in Valencia's City of Arts and Sciences, where the electric saloon moves silently, without any camouflage. Everything is visible, including the logo on the rear, which indicates that it belongs to the company's sports car family.

It will receive a different sporty name designation than the one currently used for the Model S Plaid because, according to rumours that have been circulating for some time, the suffix affixed to the most powerful Model 3 will change. It will be called the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous

The same old film

Before we delve into the rumours about the mechanics of the new incarnation of the Model 3, a quick explanation of the origin of the name. It all starts with Spaceballs, a cult film parody of Star Wars directed by Mel Brooks.

In this film, the protagonists' spaceships can travel faster than the speed of light, thus entering the Plaid zone (characterised by light effects and colours reminiscent of tartan). Hence the name of the Model S, whose logo features the colours of tartan. 

This zone can only be accessed by reaching Ludicrous speed. After this explanation, let's see what the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous will look like.

Tesla Model S Plaid logo

Tesla Model S Plaid logo

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous logo

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous logo

Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous, engines and performance

Of course, there is still no official information and every detail that circulates on the net is the result of rumours and speculation. What is certain is that the Tesla Model 3 Ludicrous, seen in the video, will be based on the restyling (codenamed Highland) and will have a slightly modified look, with a new rear valance, some carbon fibre aerodynamic elements and little else. The interior will also be modified, with sportier seats.


The changes under the bodyshell will be much more significant, although not as significant as those on the Model S and Model X Plaid. Power will certainly be the highest ever achieved by a Model 3, but it will still be well below the 1,033 PS of its larger siblings, thanks to a tri-motor configuration (two at the rear and one at the front).

According to some reports, the two motors in the Model 3 Ludicrous will be derived from those in the Plaid. There are also likely to be changes to the braking system, tyres, configuration and more.

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