The Geneva Motor Show 2024 is the stage from which the new Dacia Duster shows itself to the general public. The third generation, expected on the market by the first half of the year, has already attracted a lot of interest thanks to its new features, including the possibility of having two different hybrid powertrains, in addition to the stainless LPG.

But, as you would expect from a car that attracts so much attention, the new features don't stop there and so, direct from Geneva, we wanted to take a closer look at a key aspect of the new Dacia Duster: practicality.

YouClip, the clever universal clips

The Duster that Giuliano shows in the video gives an idea of what the combinations of uses devoted to practicality can be. For example, the roof rack, besides being designed for maximum functionality, has a design that helps emphasise the off-road character of the Duster in Extreme trim.

But the real 'genius' of the Dacia Duster 2024 is called YouClip, a universal hook system that will extend to the entire future Dacia range. By means of square hooks, in fact, it is possible to install a long series of different accessories on board the Duster, from the phone holder to a cup holder, from the bag hook to the LED torch, passing through the hooks for the tablet for the rear seats.

Dacia Duster (2024) seat rehearsal

Dacia Duster 2024, the accessories

Test del sedile Dacia Duster (2024)
Accessori Dacia Duster (2024)

And these are just a few examples, as the list of gadgets is set to lengthen over time and each of them is sold through the official Dacia network. Of course, it is the entire interior that has been designed to be as exploitable as possible. This is demonstrated by the boot, which has grown to 472 litres despite the Duster's dimensions remaining virtually unchanged.

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Dacia Duster 2024, the range

We have dedicated several in-depth reviews to the new Romanian SUV, linked to the interior design and the complete price list, including engines, equipment and costs. Specifically, we talk about a starting price of €19,700, three engines (1.0 LPG, 1.2 mild-hybrid petrol and 1.6 full hybrid) and four trim levels: Essential, Expression, Extreme and Journey. UK pricing will be announced in the coming weeks.

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