Everyone loves the tiny Microlino, partly thanks to its cuddly retro design in the style of the BMW Isetta. Unfortunately, however, the L7e electric car is quite expensive at €19,990 (approx. £17,000). Now a remedy is on the way in the form of a weaker and slower version.

Micro is presenting the Microlino Lite at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The new model, an L6e version of the popular Microlino, is designed to make sustainable mobility solutions accessible to a wider audience without a driving licence.

Gallery: Microlino Lite (2024)

The Microlino Lite offers the same range as its "big brother", but the top speed is limited to 28 mph (45 km/h) instead of the normal 56 mph (90 km/h). Here is an overview of the technical data:

Microlino Lite (2024)  
Motor 6 kW nominal, 9 kW peak power
Top speed 28 mph
Range 62 miles / 112 miles (depending on battery)
Battery capacity 5.5 kWh / 11 kWh
Cell chemistry Lithium-ion (NMC/NCA)
Charging power (type 2) 2.2 kW
Charging time (0-80 %) 2 h (5.5 kWh), 4 h (11 kWh)
Weight (incl. battery) 571 kg (5.5 kWh), 600 kg (11 kWh)
Length 2,519 mm
Width 1,473 mm
Height 1,501 mm
Luggage compartment 230 litres
Heating included (1.8 kW PTC), rear window heater

We see: There is a choice of two batteries, resulting in a different range.

The Microlino Lite differs from the standard Microlino model with its unique design features. A fresh colour scheme underlines the contemporary concept of the vehicle, while details in bright orange give the design "an energetic touch" (Micro's own words). Available in two colour variants, Venice Blue and Berlin Anthracite, it opens up new mobility options for people aged 14 and over (16+ in the UK) with an AM driving licence (moped), depending on national regulations.

The Lite version is therefore aimed at electric 28 mph vehicles such as the Citroën Ami and its brothers Fiat Topolino and Opel Rocks-e, as well as customers of the Renault Twizy. The price of a Rocks-e is around €8,000. Like its big brother with CECOMP, the Microlino Lite is built in the Microlino factory in the heart of Europe, in Turin, Italy.

Initially, the Lite will apparently only be available in Switzerland. Micro is only quoting a leasing rate in Swiss francs: from early summer 2024, the Microlino Lite will be available at an entry-level price of CHF 149/month for 5,000 kilometres per year and a 48-month term. In addition, 25 per cent of the total price will be paid as a deposit.