Debuting online today, pending live action, is the Ineos Fusilier, the young British manufacturer's third model after the Grenadier and the Quartermaster pick-up. The big novelty lies not so much in the shape or style - very similar to the Grenadier - but in the powertrain.

It is in fact an electric off-roader, available with two different powertrains. On the one hand an exclusively battery-powered powertrain, on the other one equipped with a range extender.

No need for roads

Designed for pure off-roading, the Grenadier Fusilier has slightly reduced dimensions compared to the Grenadier (4.89 metres long) and a design that follows function. Sides, nose and rear perpendicular to the ground, to best perceive the overall dimensions, also designed to reduce aerodynamic resistance, a fundamental theme when talking about electric cars. 

This is also why the Fusilier has softer lines and rounded corners, loses the spare wheel anchored to the tailgate, has new air intakes with active grille shutters and door hinges almost flush with the bodywork. A softened look also includes full LED light clusters with a circular design, giving the right touch of modernity.

There are no images of the interior, which could take up the Grenadier's mix of analogue and digital furnishings.

Ineos Fusilier

Ineos Fusilier

Ienos Fusilier

Ineos Fusilier, side

Skateboards for the mud

The most interesting part, however, concerns the new powertrain. Developed in collaboration with Magna and based on a new skateboard platform, thus dedicated to electric cars, as mentioned the Ineos Fusiler will be available in two different versions.

The new Ineos model will in fact have a purely electric version, flanked by one with a small petrol engine dedicated not to moving the wheels, but to powering a generator that will in turn charge the battery. For now, neither the specifications nor the range have been disclosed. 

More details will come during autumn 2024, when the Ineos Fusilier will be unveiled live, and should you be in the vicinity of Monte Schöckl, Austria, you might come across mules of the British electric off-roader. Assembled at the Magna plant in Graz, the Fusilier will be tested on the legendary Austrian mountain, which has always been the scene of Mercedes G-Class tests. It too is set to debut with a 100 per cent electric version.

Gallery: Ineos Fusilier