The Lotus Emeya is the British manufacturer's second electric car and it is now ready to meet its first owners. Over the past three years, Lotus has subjected its 905 PS 'hyper GT' to a series of rigorous tests, putting it through its paces in some of the world's harshest environments.

From -25°C in the Arctic Circle to 40°C in the Middle East, this is what the new Lotus has had to 'endure'.

Around the world

During the winter, the electric grand tourer was in Ivalo, Finland, some 150 miles inside the Arctic Circle. Here, temperatures reached -25°C, although the British team wanted to push things even further by parking the Emeya in a giant freezer to reach -40°C

This final test was the culmination of a rigorous three-year programme of testing and development. The Emeya travelled to 15 countries with the support of Lotus engineering teams around the world.

Lotus Emeya, les essais hivernaux

Lotus Emeya, le test hivernal

Testing took place over a wide variety of terrains and conditions, from back roads in the UK to German motorways and the highest mountain passes in the Alps and Inner Mongolia. The tests also took place on circuits such as the Nürburgring Nordschleife and on proving grounds such as the Nardò high-speed oval.

As well as the extreme cold, the Emeya also endured 40°C conditions in the United States, the Middle East and Australia. 

Arctic testing

During the Arctic testing programme, Lotus engineers focused on a number of areas, including chassis refinement, the dynamics and handling offered by winter tyres, driver assistance, battery efficiency in extreme conditions and the calibration of air conditioning systems.

Lotus Emeya, les essais hivernaux

Lotus Emeya, le test hivernal

In this respect, customers can 'prepare' the car remotely via the Lotus app. For example, they can set the cabin to the desired temperature and activate the heated seats and steering wheel. The same applies, of course, in hot climates, where the cabin and seats can be cooled before entering the car.

What's more, the heated cameras and mirrors ensure that condensation, snow and ice don't impede vision. The snow mode of the 55-inch head-up display is also very useful: the letters turn blue, allowing the driver to better see the contours of the road against a white background.

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