In August 2023, Citroën announced that in future it would not only be involved in the camping business as a supplier of bodyshells and chassis for third-party providers, but would also become active in the "Van Life" sector itself. And having already presented a model with retro charm, the manufacturer is now showing the new Citroën Holidays, which is based on the likewise new Spacetourer. Public premiere is on 13 January 2024 at the CMT in Stuttgart.

The Ford Nugget, VW California and Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo will therefore have company. The Holidays is 4.98 metres long and will therefore have an N1 classification. The height of 1.99 metres should allow access to most parking spaces. The kitchenette and toilet are removable, making the Holidays a vehicle that is fully suitable for everyday use and can transport 4 people and numerous items.

Gallery: Citroen Holidays Camper Van (2024)

Two diesel engines will be available: the BlueHDi 145 in combination with a 6-speed manual gearbox and the BlueHDi 180 in combination with an 8-speed automatic gearbox.

The retractable roof is available in body colour. It makes it possible to stand up in the interior and thus offers space for up to two sleeping berths (1.00 x 1.95 metres). The bench in the second row can be moved and folded down to create an additional sleeping area for two people measuring 1.00 metres wide and 1.90 metres long.

This bench is also removable. Those sleeping in the lower area can enjoy the opening rear window and blinds on the windscreen and side windows. The raised roof also has integrated blinds and windows to control ventilation and brightness.

Citroen Holidays Camper Van (2024)

The Citroën 's kitchen is equipped with a sink and two gas burners, a 16-litre refrigerator and a retractable table. The front seats can be swivelled. The two side sliding doors (optionally also electric) enable cooking and eating outside, with the retractable table being positioned behind the kitchen. Side rails on each side allow the integration of a roller awning (as an accessory). The kitchen unit is also removable.

The Citroën Holidays also has numerous storage compartments. It has a 10-litre tank for storing clean water and 10 litres for waste water. It also offers a shower at the rear of the vehicle, which is coupled with another 25-litre tank. If desired, the vehicle can be equipped with removable toilets.

Further amenities: a Webasto parking heater, a 230 V charging connection outside and a 230 V socket as well as 2 USB-A and USB-C connections in the interior and a space on the roof for a solar panel.

The Citroën Holidays can be ordered directly via the company's own dealer network from spring 2024 just like a normal Spacetourer. However, the manufacturer has not yet announced prices or UK market availability. But we will know more from the start of ordering.