The Suzuki Swift has been one of the Japanese brand's most important models for exactly four decades. Especially in Europe, which is why we are eagerly awaiting the specifications of the new generation, which was already shown as a concept car in Japan. Now, the time has finally come to get to know it officially.

Suzuki Swift (2024) design and dimensions

Looking at the design, one thing is for sure: the production version looks a little simpler and at the same time builds on the striking design of the previous Swift. As before, it is still a five-door model, with a striking rounded bonnet at the front.

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Also striking are the black grille and L-shaped daytime running lights. LED headlights are standard, while the tail lights are more three-dimensional. Optional 16-inch alloy wheels are available and the colour of the car in the images is 'Frontier Blue Pearl Metallic'.

But let's move on to the specifics and compare the most important dimensions with the previous model:

  Length Width Height Wheelbase Boot Weight
Suzuki Swift (old) 3,845 mm 1,735 mm 1,480 mm 2,450 mm 265 - 947 litres 965 - 1,050 kg
Suzuki Swift (new) 3,860 mm 1,735 mm 1,495 mm 2,450 mm

265 - 980 litres

1,024 - 1,112 kg

You can clearly see that not much has changed. The width and wheelbase have even remained the same. Only the weight of the new Swift has increased significantly. This may be partly due to the addition of more assistance systems. These include traffic sign recognition, cruise control (ACC), driver fatigue recognition and blind spot warning. Efforts to improve insulation are also likely to have added weight. Incidentally, Suzuki calls the car's technical platform "Heartect".

Suzuki Swift (2024) engines

Under the bonnet, only one engine is available. It is a naturally aspirated petrol engine. This new development carries the internal abbreviation Z12E. Suzuki promises more torque at speeds below 3,000 rpm thanks to a lightweight 12-volt hybridisation system.

Suzuki Swift (2024)

The displacement of 1,197 cm3 corresponds to the previous Swift engine, as does the power output of 82 bhp. Only the maximum torque increases slightly from 107 to 112 Nm. It is at 4,500 rpm instead of the previous 2,800 rpm. Top speed is between 99 and 106 mph (160 and 170 km/h).

It doesn't sound like much of an improvement, nor does the supposedly improved five-speed manual gearbox. If you want, you can opt for a CVT automatic as before, or all-wheel drive, but not both combined.

Suzuki Swift (2024)

Suzuki Swift (2024) interior and pricing

Inside, the new Swift has a 9-inch touchscreen (including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto), plus classic instrumentation with a small LCD screen in between. Interestingly, some versions have manual climate control with a digital instrument cluster. Of course, the range also includes a 100% automatic climate control system.

Suzuki Swift (2024)

So there are still some unanswered questions about the new Suzuki Swift. For example, whether the 127 bhp Swift Sport will have a successor. And, of course, the prices, which have not yet been announced. The current Swift range in the UK starts at £17,199.