Tyre pressures are very often overlooked when it comes to car preparation but not only are they are one of the biggest factors that can improve performance and handling, they also play a big part in reducing your running costs.

Annual MOTs and services are standard practice, and many car fans spend thousands on performance tweaks or eye-catching bodywork, yet even the most dedicated enthusiasts often overlook the health of their tyres.

Running a car on underinflated tyres does not just impact handling and comfort, it also takes a substantial toll on fuel costs. Now that winter is coming, the cooler temperatures can reduce those pressures without you even noticing. So, paying them a little bit of attention can pay off a lot.

Just ask F1 presenter and racing driver Naomi Schiff, who is working with Esso and KwikFit to help raise awareness of the issues, highlighted by recent research from tyre safety charity TyreSafe that shows British drivers collectively waste an astonishing £1 billion in fuel every year due to underinflated tyres.

“The statistics are concerning,” said Schiff. “They really show the importance of campaigns like this to educate people to frequently check their tyres. We all want drivers to be safe on the road, and if it saves them money too, it’s even better.”

Why paying attention to tyre pressures pays off

Tyre pressures should be checked consistently every month yet in the UK, one in five drivers have NEVER checked their tyres, a statistic that rises to three in five for young drivers. Yes, you read that right: NEVER checked their tyres!

As a result of that, around 57% of UK vehicles are being driven on underinflated tyres. In winter months, pressures can fluctuate, making it even more crucial to ensure your tyres offer maximum grip in potentially slippery conditions, and while modern vehicles often give reminders, classics and older models do not.

Esso has joined forces with Kwik Fit to tackle this issue by offering free pop-ups across the UK, designed to assist drivers in determining if their tyres are winter-ready. They are even giving out prizes to encourage people to take up the offer, with a chance to win e-bikes, AirBnB vouchers, tyre inflators, and more.

Roger Griggs, Communications Director at Kwik Fit, said: "Underinflated tyres, if neglected, may need premature replacement and can seriously compromise road holding and braking performance. Checking your tyre pressure takes just a few minutes, and inflating them takes only a bit longer. So, investing five to ten minutes of your day can save you a lot of money and hassle."

Complimentary tyre checks are on offer at 25 selected Esso stations around the country from October 16th to October 27th. To find out your nearest pop-up, visit the Esso website here: www.esso.co.uk/thoughtful-driving