Pagani is known for making cars that are stunningly beautiful. However, beauty is far from the only thing that makes Pagani’s creations so special. In addition to captivating design, Paganis possess groundbreaking engineering, incredible power, luxurious craftsmanship, and a commitment to preserving and enhancing the pure, timeless joy of performance car driving.

All of these aspects translate to Pagani’s track-only cars, like the Huayra R, a dramatically-styled creation that visually suggests its formidable abilities on the tarmac, which are proven through Pagani’s Arte in Pista programme.


Translating to “Art on the Track” from Italian, Arte in Pista is an opportunity to experience Pagani’s track-only hypercars at their fullest potential at some of the world’s most prestigious circuits. In a new video published on Pagani’s Instagram page, the Huayra R is seen on the track in Arte in Pista, expertly weaving through corners as its engine makes its unmistakable V12 wail.

The track: Autodromo do Algarve, a circuit in Portimão, Portugal, featuring a world-class blend of challenging corners and high-speed straightaways. The chance to see a Pagani in itself is an amazing opportunity, but to see and experience one on the track at its full potential is truly an incredible sight. With Arte in Pista, Pagani continues to show how it keeps the passion for performance cars alive.

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