Lotus sent shockwaves through the automotive industry when it announced the creation of an electric luxury performance SUV.

Known for its light, agile, and impeccably dynamic sports cars, the brand’s passionate fans wondered how that quality would be translated to an SUV. However, with a dual-motor electric drive system capable of a sub-3-second 0-60 time and unmistakable Lotus design, it marvellously brings the cult-classic sporting Lotus character into the new Lotus Eletre, a practical and luxurious SUV.

At the Shanghai International F1 Circuit in China, the Lotus Day 2023 event celebrated 75 years of the brand, as well as the SUV as the first production examples were presented to customers for the first time.

At the event F1 Driver Jenson Button took to the circuit behind the wheel of an Eletre, citing the fact that the SUV expertly handles the tricky course with agility, speed, and minimal roll, as any true Lotus would. In addition, Clive Chapman, the Managing Director of Classic Team Lotus and son of Lotus founder Colin Chapman toured the Eletre’s Wuhan production facility, complete with a test track inspired by the one at Hethel with an off-road course as well.

This new era for Lotus is incredibly different from anything we’ve seen before, but at its core, it’s still all about creating performance cars that are irresistibly fun to drive.

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